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"On the Economics of Competition Policy: Opportunities and Challenges" Lunch Talk


by Prof. Thomas Wayne Ross, the University of British Columbia

March 6, 2012 (Tuesday)

Conrad Hotel, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong


Enquiries/registration, please email hkcer@econ.hku.hk

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Past Events:



December 9, 2011
What is Really Happening in Europe? The Social and Political Dynamics and Prospects behind the Economic Crisis -- Implications for Asia-Pacific
Lunch Talk by Jean Pierre Lehmann


September 7, 2011

Bankruptcy Reform, Mortgage Default and the Financial Crisis

Lunch Talk by Michelle White


August 16, 2011

International Monetary Fund Seminar on China's Economy

Seminar by Mr. Il Houng Lee


July 14, 2011

Legal Roots of Economic Underdevelopment in the Middle East

Lunch Talk by Timur Kuran


Jun 28, 2011

Critical Resources: The Economics of the Internet Addressing-Routing Space

Lunch Talk by Milton Mueller


Oct 29, 2010

The Making of Civil Engineer in Early 20th China: Railroads Transnational Knowledge Transfer, and the Creation of a Profession

Public Lecture by Elisabeth Köll


Oct 18, 2010

Past Growth and Future Prospects of China's Economy

Public Lecture by Chen Zhiwu


May 27, 2010

Can China Sustain Rapid Growth Despite Flawed Institutions?

Public Lecture by Thomas G. Rawski


Apr 16, 2010

A New Climate Strategy Beyond 2012

Public Lecture by Warwick McKibbin


Apr 28, 2009

Guangdong Exchange Forum


Jan 15, 2009

Shaping a Budgetary Strategy for Hong Kong

Public Lecture by Tony Latter, Leo Goodstadt, and Roger Nissim


Sep 16, 2008

Celebrate Hong Kong Gala Dinner

Dinner by Mr. Donald Tsang


Sep 16, 2008

Celebrate HK and its Longstanding Success in the Annual Economic Freedom of the World Rankings

Lunch Talk by Mark Mullins


Jul 10, 2008

The Proposed Competition Law--Effects for Hong Kong

Lunch Talk w/Shih Wing Ching and Linda Lai


Jun 6, 2008

Competition Law--An International Perspective

Lunch Talk w/Alan Moran, Julian Morris, Nick Taylor


Oct 3, 2007

The World's Freest Economy?--One Slogan, Two Views

Lunch Talk by Tony Latter


Sep 16, 2004

The Role of Government in Asian Economies

International Symposium


May 23, 2003

Deflation: is it really a problem; if so, what should be done

Lunch Talk by Tony Latter


Sep 27, 2001

Chinese Economy

Lunch Forum with Prof. Wu Jinlian, Prof. Lin Zhaomu, and Prof. Zhang Zhuoyuan


Dec 4, 2000

China--Facing up to WTO Membership

Lunch Talk by Prof. Wing Thye Woo


Sep 29, 2000

What Really Matters in Auction Design?

Lunch Talk by Prof. Paul Klemperer


Apr 26, 2000

New Developments--Property Rights in Marine Resources

Lunch Talk by Prof. Hannes Gissurarson


Mar 9, 2000

Economic Approaches to Incentives

Lunch Talk by Prof. Edward Lazear


Mar 7, 2000

Growth and Crisis in Thailand--Evaluation of Financial Systems and Suggestions for Policy Reform

Lunch Talk by Prof. Robert Townsend


Jan 11, 2000

Economic Freedom of the World: Its Measurement and Consequences

Lunch Talk by Dr. Michael Walker


Oct 12, 1999

Hong Kong as a Metropolis in a Globalized Economy

Prof. Michael A. Goldberg


Dec 2, 1998

Free Market Business Ethics

Dr. Elaine Sternberg


Jun 25, 1998

The Economy of Hong Kong in the midst of the Asian Financial Crisis

Prof. P.W. Liu and Prof. Y.C. Richard Wong


Dec 19, 1997

On Privatizing Public Housing - What does it mean for you

Prof. Y.C. Richard Wong


Aug 25, 1997

The Private Sector and the Industrialization of Viet Nam

Prof. James Riedel


Apr 17, 1997

Digital Convergence and Information Infrastructure: A Policy Agenda for Hong Kong

Dr. Milton Mueller


Jan 10, 1997

Chinese Economy at a Crossroad

Prof. Justin Yifu Lin


Dec 13, 1996

Why the Hong Kong Stock Market Will Continue to go up

Prof. Gregory Chow


Dec 2, 1996

Pacific Economic Dynamism: U.S. and Asian Perspectives

Mr. Steve Parker


Nov 22, 1996

The Scheme of Control on Electricity Companies

Dr. Lam Pun-lee


Jun 18, 1996

The Syndrome of the Ever-higher Yen

Prof. Ronald Ian McKinnon


Jun 7, 1996

Lessons and Experiences in Social Security: The Central Provident Fund in Singapore

Dr. Linda Low


May 24, 1996

Privatization and Healthcare Provision in Singapore

Prof. T.C. Aw


Apr 3, 1996

Global Trends in Housing Finance and Housing Markets

Dr. Bertrand Renaud


Nov 24, 1995

A New Approach to Competition, Monopolies, and Cartels

Prof. Pascal Salin


Nov 13, 1995

How Competition Amongst Special Interests Shape U.S. Financial Regulation

Dr. Randall S. Kroszner


Oct 19, 1995

China's Transition Economy and Macro Economic Stability

Prof. Fan Gang


Jul 14, 1995

Transition to Market Economy in Vietnam

Prof. James Riedel


April 19, 1995

Science and Myth in Global Warming and Ozone Depletion and Environment and Technology: Partners or Adversaries?

Dr. S. Fred Singer and Mr. Michael Fumento


Mar 22, 1995

Antidumping, the Uruguay Round, and Asia's Exports

Dr. Joseph M. Finger


Jun 30, 1994

Clinton Administration's Trade Policy and Asia: An Insider's View

Prof. Kwok-Chiu Fung


May 18, 1994

Transport Policy and Vehicle Ownership, Usage and Emissions: Theory and Evidence from Hong Kong

Dr. Frank W. Rusco and Dr. W. David Walls


Jan 12, 1994

China: The Awakening Giant - What is Next for Reform and Growth?

Prof. Steven N.S. Cheung, Prof. Justin Yifu Lin, and Dr. Andrew Sheng


Oct 28, 1993

China in the New Economic Order

Dr. Milton Friedman


Oct 18, 1993

The New Economic Order

Dr. Milton Friedman


Sep 10, 1993

Air Cargo and the Opening of China: New Opportunities for Hong Kong

Prof. Joseph Schwieterman


Jun 17, 1993

Telecommunications and the Integration of China: Telecommunications, Trade and Economic Development in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

Prof. Di Ang-Zhao, Mr. Tan Zixiang, Mr. Li Zhaoyan, Dr. Milton Mueller, Dr. Chen Bo-Shoe, Mr. John MacDuffie, Mr. Vince Lam, Mr. Henry Goldstein


Jun 1, 1993

Trade Relations between Taiwan and U.S.

Prof. James Riedel


Apr 2, 1993

Property and Housing Markets in Hong Kong: Issues and Analyses

Dr. Y.C. Richard Wong


Mar 1, 1993

Retirement Protection for Hong Kong - What are the Options?

Dr. Francis T.M. Lui


Dec 2, 1992

The Current Economic Situation - The U.K. and Europe

Mr. Dominick Harrod


Nov 6, 1992

Planning, Uncertainty and Economic Development in Hong Kong: A Critical Evaluation of the Comprehensive Review of the Town Planning Ordinance.

Mr. Samuel Staley


Oct 16, 1992

Economic Reform Prospects in China

Dr. Justin Yifu Lin


Jun 3, 1992

Privatize Public Housing in Hong Kong

Dr. Y.C. Richard Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Apr 6, 1992

A Telecommunications Free Trade Zone for Southeast Asia

Dr. Milton Mueller, University of Nebraska


Jan 29, 1992

Healthcare in Hong Kong: An Economic Policy Assessment

Dr. Joel W. Hay, Stanford University


Jan 17, 1992

Market Reforms and Trade Liberalization in the Philippines

Dr. Bernardo Villegas, Center for Research and Communication (Philippines)


Dec 16, 1991

The Failure of Foreign Aid: With Special Reference to the Soviet Union

Prof. Shyam Kamath, California State University


Nov 27, 1991

Inflation in Hong Kong

Dr. Pak-wai Liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. John Greenwood, G.T. Management (Asia) Ltd.; Mr. Michael Taylor, Far Eastern Economic Review


Nov 6, 1991

Observations on Economic Reform in the Ex-Communist Countries

Prof. Merton Miller, University of Chicago


Aug 29, 1991

The Challenge of Monetary Reform in Eastern Block Countries - Can Hong Kong's Linked Rate Mechanism Provide an Answer?

Prof. Peter Bernholz, University of Basel


July 5, 1991

The U.S. Savings and Loan Debacle

Prof. David Fand, George Mason University


Jun 24, 1991

The Future Development of Industries in Hong Kong

Prof. Henry Wan, Jr., Cornell University


Apr 19, 1991

Outlook for the U.S. and World Economy

Dr. David Hale, Kemper Funds


Jan 21, 1991

International Telecommunications in Hong Kong: The Case for Liberalization

Dr. Milton Muller, University of Nebraska


Nov 26, 1990

Social Insurance, Self Insurance and Economic Growth

Prof. Issac Ehrlich, State University of New York at Buffalo


Nov 16, 1990

Policy Versus Chance in the Process of Economic Growth

Prof. Arnold C. Harberger, University of California Los Angeles


Oct 1, 1990

Economic Integration in East Asia: Doing What Comes Naturally

Prof. James Riedel, Johns Hopkins University


Sep 18, 1990

What to do about Health Care Costs?

Dr. Joel W. Hay, Stanford University


Jul 26, 1990

Alternative Approaches to Banking in Hong Kong

Prof. Randy Kroszner, University of Chicago


Jun 21, 1990

Labour Turnover as a Means of Technology Transfer

Prof. K.C. Fung, Memphis State University


May 8, 1990

Observations on Eastern Europe

Andrea and Howard Rich, Laissez Faire Books


Apr 19, 1990

The European Monetary System, the European Monetary Unit and the United Kingdom

Prof. Michael J. Artis, University of Manchester


Mar 27, 1990

Japanese Industrial Groups and Their Impacts on U.S.-Japan Trade

Prof. K.C. Fung, University of California, Santa Cruz


Feb 9, 1990

Can the Very Fast Train be made to Work?

Prof. Peter Swan, University of New South Wales


Dec 14, 1989

Education Vouchers in Hong Kong: Has the Time Come?

Dr. Pak-Wai Liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Nov 7, 1989

Taxis in Hong Kong: A Bottleneck of Urban Transport

Dr. Kai-sun Kwong, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Sep 28, 1989

The Open Network: An Analysis and Critique of Telecommunications Competition and Deregulation in the United States

Dr. Milton Mueller, University of Nebraska


Aug 30, 1989

Electronic Road Pricing: An Idea whose Time has Come

Dr. Tim Hau, University of Hong Kong


Jul 26, 1989

Current Political and Economic Crisis in China

Ms. Pui-king Lau, HK Polytechnic University and Dr. Yun-wing Sung, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Jun 27, 1989

The Experience of Free Banking

Dr. Kurt Schuler


May 16, 1989

International Privatization

Mr. Thibaut de Saint Phalle, Saint Phalle International Group


Apr 27, 1989

Legal Restrictions, Financial Weakening, and the Lender of Last Resort

Prof. George Selgin, University of Hong Kong


Mar 31, 1989

Utility or Commodity? The Future of Telecommunications in Hong Kong

Dr. John Ure, University of Hong Kong


Feb 27, 1989

Alternative Public Housing Policies

Dr. Lau Man-liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Jan 13, 1989

Issues in Technology Transfer

Prof. Hans Duller, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Dec 15, 1988

The Pros and Cons of Indirect Taxation in Hong Kong

Dr. Ho Lok-sang and Dr. Richard Y.C. Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Oct 3, 1988

Is the West Losing its Industry? The Economics of the Service Sector

Prof. Herbert Grubel, Simon Fraser University


Sep 24, 1988

Protectionism: A Case of Misleading Labelling

Dr. Milton Friedman, Stanford University


Sep 12, 1988

Private Enterprise, State and Political Systems in Economic Growth

Prof. Gary Becker, University of Chicago


Sep 2, 1988

The U.S. Trade Deficit: Does it matter?

Prof. Yale Brozen, University of Chicago


Aug 3, 1988

Airport Congestion and the Liberalization of the International Airline Industry

Dr. Kai-sun Kwong, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Jul 11, 1988

Economic Order and Constitutional Choice

Dr. James Dorn, CATO Journal


Jun 1, 1988

The Stated Intentions and Actual Consequences of the Public Housing Program in Hong Kong

Dr. Richard Y.C. Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Apr 27, 1988

China's Open Door Policy and the Demand for Intermediation-Implications for Hong Kong's Economic Future

Dr. Sung Yung-wing, Chinese University of Hong Kong